Monday, 8 March 2010

Diamond Girl...

I am currently loving the relatively new artist Marina and the Diamonds... she is amazing and with her Greek-Welsh background has stunning looks to boot. Although tiny in stature and size, Marina does rock a strong hour-glass shape - which, when I saw her rock out in Bristol, struck me for how feminine she is. I think a lot of smaller celebrities and artists don't always rock their natural curves - I love that Marina does.

The video clip above is from the song, "I am not a Robot" and when you watch it, you will see just how stunning this young woman is - she barely even flaunts it - her radiance is just happening as you watch. I LOVE this film clip for the amazing body art on show, as well as the phenomanal music. But seriously - look at her make-up... those jewelled eyes and lips. Whoa.

I love Marina's style too - if you decide to look at more of her music/image on the web, you will see she is actually pretty far from conventional - I regard her as a little eccentric in the way she dresses actually, and part of me just adores her more for that very fact alone.

Marina writes her own lyrics and plays instruments to boot - a true musician. I am adoring this sound and although Marina isn't anywhere near a plus, she does rock her curves awfully well - and I am hooked. If you don't love her now, you probably will eventually - enjoy.



  1. Thanks for this! I've never seen her before but am really digging her style and her voice! :)

  2. Love your blog - I used to live in Colchester and I miss all the places to shop in the UK! (I'm back in the states now).

    and eBay is one of my FAV places to shop for clothes! Adding you to my blog roll :)

  3. Hey Sarah - thank you! I have just looked at your blog and am loving it actually. Love the post about Bacon! Cute pictures!


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