Friday, 19 March 2010

Come on SUN!

I am so excited for the season change and sunshine in London makes me just so happy... after a very cold and SNOWY winter, it feels so nice to wake up in the morning and see the sun. I'm getting out my lighter dresses, ready for Summer, and although it's set to rain all weekend, I remain positive that in just a few weeks, the sun will shine high in the UK sky... I can not wait for lower cut dresses, bare legs, jacketless days and proper summer sandals.

Well - All my local friends tell me I am kidding myself - but heck, this Aussie is ready for a good Summer!

Dress: Torrid
Bolero: Peacocks
Scarf: H&M
Necklace: Moon Pendant by Hot Diamonds
Lipstick: Ruby Woo by Mac


  1. how cute are you love! glad i bumped into ure blog. and yes! cant wait for the sun ... come on sunnn!!!

    cant waiting to catch up on ure postings ... lovin the outfit and love the lipstick ... im getting into red lipstick cuz of cute bloggers like u!

    love and blessings,

  2. Hey there BBM, am so glad you have found the blog - I have clicked through your profile and will make sure I look at yours. Red lipstick is the best. My brand is Mac, and the colour is Ruby Woo. x.

    Marianna - Thank you. x.

  3. you're beautiful! great outfit to say HI to Spring! :P


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