Friday, 19 February 2010

UK Street Plus!

Check it out ladies - Debenhams, is using size 16 mannequins in their shop window in Oxford Street in London... and if the models prove popular, they will be rolled out nationwide!

This is amazingly great news for the curves of fashion, as a department store gets realistic. A whopping 42% of ladies clothes sold at Debenhams go to women in size 14 or 16!

In another plus, the mannequins are wearing clothes designed by Ben Di Lisi, a designer loved by Kate Winslet (seen here wearing Di Lisi at the 2002 Academy Awards). The great thing about this choice is that he designs beautiful, high-end garments which work for curves.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Okay - make sure you let Debenhams know how much you love their new mannequins. They have their blog, are on facebook , flickr AND twitter... get posting, pass this on and let's make sure Debenhams know that this is a fantastic move!

Smooch. x.

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