Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The power of Red.

So, I have had a bit of a crap couple of days. The details as to why, are not really needed here - but I thought I would write about the wonderfully superficial things I have done to improve my mood.

I love red lipstick. More accurately, I love Mac Ruby Woo Matte lipstick (Left: I wear Ruby Woo with an old-school Torrid dress). Ruby Woo is a bright red, 1950s style matte lipstick and is the kind of colour Betty Boop would have worn had she been flesh and blood as opposed to illustration... I found Ruby Woo a couple of years ago. I was watching Project Runway and one of the designers had black hair and wore red lipstick everyday. I loved the look, and as someone who has dark dark brown hair (currently dyed brown-black), I felt I needed to get myself some red lips. Mac is my makeup of choice, so was the obvious place to go. My lipstick requirements are pretty simple - the only thing I insist on, is that I don't have to reapply 150 times a day, and that is why I went for matte lipstick. You put it on and it stays on, and VIBRANT. In fact, unless I eat hot food or drink a coffee (which warms the lipstick up and makes it come off a bit), I know I won't have to reapply it at all during the day if I don't want to...

Yesterday, with more than a little angst onboard, I wore my Ruby Woo and decided to head to Oxford Street in London to check out a new fragrance. As I walked through Selfridges, a salesperson at Clinique had me try an eye cream and then right after that, someone from Benefit approached me and asked if she could give me a makeover - for free. Well, I say - you gotta love a mid-week makeover rut, because there were plenty of cosmetics people looking for a girl to primp...

I was that girl.

(When shops are empty and there are heaps of people standing about like lemmings, they are BORED, so trying things on with the possibility you may buy later is a-okay and relatively no-pressure!).

At Benefit, I had all my makeup removed; primers, base and highlights applied and then bronzer brushed on. It was natural and lovely and a wonderfully feminine way to spend a half hour. I approached YSL where they had me try a mascara and then at Chanel I had gloss applied over my Ruby Woo (which I had managed to keep on the whole time). It was lovely and feminine. As I went to leave the store, I was then approached by someone selling hot irons who asked "Would I like my hair straightened?"


Ruby Woo Lipstick by Mac
Purple Biker Jacket by Evans
Hair and makeup by various department store counters!

The fact of the matter is - yesterday, I wore Ruby Woo as a way to cheer myself up and by the end of the day I felt completely made-over... because I was, and for FREE.

Today, I made myself up at home before heading out. Now, in all honesty, I always leave the house looking relatively pretty. I like to glam up a bit (whether naturally or fierce) before going out - but this morning, I went for fierce. And what a difference fierce makes.

I have had an angsty couple of days - but thanks to Ruby Woo and the power of Red, I have felt fierce and superficially a whole lot better... and let's face it - while superficially better, isn't anything like being genuinely okay - it sure beats the heck out of feeling like crap.

Until next time - whether Neutral or Fierce, Stay Glam People, because on those down days - it might be something as simple as lipstick that makes you feel just that little bit better. x.

Lipstick: Ruby Woo by MAC
Dress: Old Season Torrid

Smooch. x.


  1. Hot. And what a great reminder - my fave red lippie which i've only worn a couple of times, and definitely need to crack out again soon, is Nars Dragon Girl velvet matte lip pencil. It is delicious - to me anyway!!

    Hope your spirits are much lifted now -I know you're offline for a while now without your computer so will text you soon xx

  2. Totally agree on the power of red and know what you mean about girls with short dark hair - they (you) can pull off red lips like you were born with them.

    PS. Love the purple biker jacket and straight hair combo, looks killer!


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