Friday, 26 February 2010

Oh, the places...

I was thinking about the inspiration behind the name for this blog... "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" It is entirely inspired by a Dr. Seuss book. It is an amazing book which basically rhymes its way through life's ups and downs. It is the kind of book that keeps you grounded and makes you appreciate things, but also gives you a lift when you need one. That is basically what I want my blog to be like. I want it to be positive and lovely... the line on my banner "You'll find the bright places where Boom Bands are playing," is fabulous to me. It is how I live life - with excitement and energy, because you never know where all those Boom Bands are - so you should try and embrace and enjoy everything.

I wanted to post some of my favourite things for you. I want to show you the things I particularly love and enjoy - it took me a while to understand myself in fashion, but now that I do, I could not be happier or more confident when I leave the house.

A favorite dress. I bought this in Australia, last time I was home. I bought it in Myer and it is part of the store's own plus-size range, Estelle. This is such a stunning dress and I wear it here with a shrug bought at H&M and necklace from Mimco. This dress is just perfect for my figure as it cuts under the bust and then shapes the rest of my body really nicely. The dress came with the thin black belt you can see, and is made of a heavy cotton, so the dress (which is also lined) feels really well-structured. This is a dress I always feel really confident wearing and it fits just so well! I always love discovering how great a retailer's own plus-size brand can be. I must have tried on about ten dresses the day I bought this one, but this was my fave! Depending on how I accessorise, I can wear this dress out for dinner or easily to work. I love it!

Beautiful Accessories. I sometimes think the key to really polishing an outfit is accessories... you can have the most flattering outfit on, but it can sometimes lose its edge without the right shoes. I think an outfit can really shine with the right footwear, jewelry and handbag and sometimes these seemingly simple things are key to really looking fierce. Some of my favourite accessories are featured in the photo above... I have simple items too - classic pieces, but I love statement items... they are the kind of things I will wear on their own - to really let them shine, or I will occassionally wear a bunch of them together so that my outfit and style is eye-catching.

I really believe every morning when I wake up, that although I may have a plan - I never really know where I may end up - I want to be ready and I want to look good when I get there... especially if the Boom Bands are playing.

Smooch. x.

(Brands represented in the image above include: Radley, Mimco, Accessorize).


  1. I have often referred back to Suess' oh the places you go when i need a little inspiration and love that you chose the quote for your blog.

    you are adorable in that dress, or maybe it is the cute face you are making. I like the shrug with it, it anchors the bold print well.

    also, agree with you on accessories. even a t-shirt and jeans can be transformed into fablousness with a few key accessories.

  2. I've bought that book for people a few times. Its rather inspiring when you're facing tough times.
    And fitting for you right now embarking on your blogging career, who knows where this can take you!


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