Friday, 19 February 2010

Justine Legault

Justine Legault is a plus-size model who hails from Quebec, Canada. At 5'9", she wears a size 14, measures 36d-32-45 and has the most stunning blue-green eyes. I have decided that every now and again on this blog, I am going to push forward my style loves and inspirations. I have only recently discovered Justine and wanted to share her with everyone.

I found the shot of her in jeans and a white singlet (pictured below) and wanted to know more about her. What a beautiful face and such stunning curves. I think the most beautiful thing for me about all these shots is just how feminine Justine looks... I also really like that there is a bit of edge in each of the photos below, I think she looks particularly cool in the empty pool shot and just a little "caught-out" in the open door pic at the bottom. Curves and edge. I love it!

Justine Legault is represented internationally by Ford in Toronto and Scoop in Montreal.


  1. She is stunning. One of those girls you can't take your eyes off. Christina Hendricks is incredible also - you should profile her! She is a woman who knows how to work her curves!!

  2. She is gorgeous. And agree with Ali about Christina Hendricks being worthy of a profile!

  3. I will certainly take a look at Christina Hendricks. I love girls who can work their curves! x.

  4. Check out this link:

    It's Justine modeling for ASOS... Check out the link under the second outfit - the white-grey--red one, and check the runway view. I can't remember the last time I saw a girl rotate her hips that much. Jaw-dropping sexy!

  5. I've simply fallen for Justine!She is now my idol!


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