Monday, 8 February 2010

Winter me This!

I woke up this morning and there was snow on the ground. Light, barely noticeable powder, that will be gone as soon as the sun hits height in the sky. But lovely, magical and like a fairytale. For this Aussie, living in England, mornings like this do make for magic.
Winter has been interesting... first, I had to find the right Winter coat. I bought one last year, but it was bought late in the season and was not really something I loved. This year, I scoured the stores - LOADS of them, looking for the right coat that would work with my curves as well keep me warm... I eventually found this lovely purple wool-blend coat at BHS. My shape likes it when things cut under my breast. I am a little bit of an hour glass (large hips and breasts with a smaller waist) but to make this all work, being a plus - I often prefer a defined line under the bust. I am 5ft 5inches, so I find this definition helps lengthen me (I will always defer to a bolero as opposed to a full length cardigan). Apart from a coat belted under the bust, I also wanted it to cut just above my knee, again, to lengthen me and make my calves look a little longer. I rock that lookregularly too actually - My skirts and dresses always sit between the top of my knee and butt to lengthen my leg and flatter me. I love wearing boots knee-high boots so it all works nicely.

At the moment, sales are on. Proper end of winter sales. Clearance! As someone who is pretty much a steady weight (consistent across the last five years), I know my size won't change much by next season and so I love to look at what everyone has to offer.

Torrid has a pretty good range as does Evans. Carmakoma is also rocking the winter look right now with Dooberry also on sale. BHS has a range of good winter coats that would see you through the rest of the UK winter, or indeed, a great range of Macs that will work well into Spring. The fact of the matter is, right now, if you are a fairly consistent weight, it isn't a bad time to think about woolen coats to use for the rest of this season into next. Woolen coats really do run at a high price and so sales and clearance can be just the thing to counter that. The best thing would be to buy a relatively classic style - mine is a Double Breasted knee length coat... for maximum warmth try for a percentage of wool - and to mix it up - find some hot winter items to team with it... In the pics above, I am wearing a very simple £10 scarf from H&M. It is all about playing with style and having fun - just because it is winter, doesn't mean your outer layer has to be dull - enjoy February and why not grab yourself a bargain in the end of season sales?

My BHS coat glammed up for New Years in Paris with a scarf I got for Christmas and hat I bought in the sales for £8.50 at Accessorize.

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  1. Love that coat, seems very 'House of Holland", plus i always love a plaid of any sort!

    Living in Canada snow always seems so business as usual, but when you were here you experienced the magic of it all and now every fresh snow (like the snowstorm we are having right now) I always take a minute to appreciate how beautiful it really is.


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