Thursday, 14 January 2010

Inspired by Crystal Renn

Last year when browsing through the web, I came across this great article on Crystal Renn from the UK newspaper, The Guardian. It is a pretty amazing article, with a lot of insight into Crystal, her upbringing, struggles with weightloss and her current take on her current "fuller" figure. My favourite paragraph is as follows:

"The irony, of course, is that Crystal Renn is really not fat. She's not even chubby. She's 5ft 9in. Her vital statistics are 38-31-42. She's slight enough to get away with not wearing a bra. The idea that she's plus size seems daft, I suggest. But she resents the idea that everyone has an opinion on the breadth of her thighs. "If they judge me for not being big enough, is that not the same as judging me for not being thin enough? When do we stop? My size shouldn't matter," she says. "Let's get rid of straight size and plus size. It's bullshit. Just say model. Full stop."

I like that, I like the definition of her as being a "model", defined as plus or no - the lady is hot.
In my last blog, I wrote about V Magazine doing the Size Issue and a part of that is to compare designer-wear on different body types, they place Crystal in the same outfits as new Spring sensation, model Jacquelyn Jablonski. There is an obvious size difference there... but as I flick through the pages, I can't help but think Crystal looks prettier, healthier, sexier and far more feminine. Now, before anyone thinks that is me criticizing Jacquelyn, let me stop you there - I just like Crystal and her curves MORE is all I am saying.

Crystal Renn is a stunner. She has been used in campaigns by Evans and Torrid as well as been in many Vogue editorials and a cover girl for magazines like Harper's Bazzar (Russia) and Elle Italia. As you can see in this article by the New York Post, Crystal Renn is THE INSPIRATION for the V Magazine Size issue. That is amazing.

To read more about Crystal online - Wikipedia has a nice base article that compliments the links I have already posted... otherwise, if you enjoy paperbacks, why not pick up Crystal's book "Hungry".

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  1. I think she is stunning and that should be enough for a model. Size limits on mainstream and plus size are hard to meet. Then there is everyone in between and everyone without the right proportions... I think that i why lately i have gravitate to outfit posts on people's blogs. Seeing clothes on real people of varying sizes and proportions is the way I like to see what's out there, plus you get to see unique styling and that's inspiring because we won't all wear something the same way they merchandise it (nor should we).


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