Tuesday, 26 January 2010

ASOS Curve...

So, last week we saw the launch of ASOS Curve. The latest buzz is that the items are of excellent quality and provide a true-fit for the size guide. Looking at the items, I am both excited and disappointed... I know, those seem like conflicting emotions huh? They are...

For the plus - The items seem to be great staples, with a couple of really lovely pieces thrown in, like the Floral Waisted Dress (RRP £28), pictured. Online reviewers seem very pleased with the pieces and let's face it - they look really hot on the women they were designed for. In fact - to take a look at gorgeous curvy women in ASOS Curve gear head to Saks in the City, Young, Fat and Fabulous or Musings of a Fatshionista. These women look fabulous and with little effort sell these clothes. They make them look hot and the clothes really do fit them well. Which brings me to the minus side of ASOS Curve.

I really dislike this model. According to ASOS employees on the ASOS Curve community the model is a size 20-26. I think that is a bit rich. Maybe, MAYBE she is a tall plus-size girl, but it just seems so unlikley she hits a 20. The clothing is billowy on her in a lot of the catwalk videos and frankly, I find this choice of model disappointing and she leaves me uninterested. I mean, thank goodness the bloggers listed above have posted their curves in these clothes... they sell these clothes much more effectively and make them look pretty and highly wearable.

I am also a little disappointed that there aren't that many really innovative items. I think ASOS prides itself on really cutting edge, relevant and up to the moment fashion - these pieces feel far more basic than that. Granted, some are great classic pieces, I mean, elegant can be very sexy - I think the Pontiroma Seamed Pencil Dress (RRP £38), pictured is just lovely, but I guess I expected something more. A little "WOW" factor, I guess. Apparently, the forums for ASOS Curve are indicating that the range will be updated a couple of times each week... so let's just wait and see if they can really WOW us yet.

Smooch. x.

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  1. I have to agree with you on the the creativity of the pieces. The collection is pretty basic with a couple of surprise pieces like the floral and dominoe dress. However, I think it is a good start. They are probably trying to do a test runto see how the line will be received. I post a picture of me in the black pleated sleeve dress on my blog if you would like to see www.stylishcurves.blogspot.com. I'm not trying to promote, but, just wanted to give my opinion. I never purchased anything from ASOS before, but, I felt like it was true to size.


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