Monday, 7 December 2009

Fashion and Stylings...

I have only found, as I have got older that I am now very interested in fashion and my own stylings. I have always looked okay going out and about - my look certainly qualifies as pretty, but it has only been in the last few years that I have been interested in materials, prints, quality and the expression of my clothing.

I am plus-size. I have great curves... tits, hips, waist, ass, thighs and I know how to style them.

As a younger girl, I was quite tomboyish and certainly went through a goth and indeed, grunge phase. Through my twenties I mostly wore jeans and a t-shirt... all the better if they were black. Then, my mum, somehow convinced me to try some colour. So I did that for a bit... Then she convinced me to try on a print dress... and now, as time has passed, I suddenly find myself transplanted from Australia to the UK with different fashion stylings and a keen eye for what I like and do not. And frankly, I like looks that
combine colour/prints and cuts that accentuate my curve.

As time goes on, I want this blog to be about my particular fashion stylings, as well as a run through my life about my makeup, accessories and sometimes my experiences.

I have to throw two kudos out... the first is to my friend Ali over at her blog Hey was that a Star?, Ali writes often, and about varied things almost every day - she inspired me to look into the world of blogs. The premise for my blog is inspired (well, by my love of fashion and clothes etc.) by Gabi over at Young Fat and Fabulous.

Now, my first post is to Christmas loving... the designers at Carmakoma are having a sale on many of their fabulous items. I own two pieces from their current collection, including the dress featured here, which is on sale:

This dress is made of a delicate cotton and as soon as I put it on, I could feel the quality of it and also SEE the quality. It is literally just lovely to look at and feels great. The perfect thing about this dress for me, is that it cuts under the bust and there is a belt to do up that the accentuates it's shape. I bought the "L" size and it is just perfect for me.

If you are looking for some class and style this christmas and don't want to wear something you may spot on someone else, then give Carmakoma a look. The designers respond to emails personally and have excellent, customer focused service.

Oh yeah.

I will post myself in this sexy little number next time I glam up and wear it out.

Smooch. x.