Thursday, 3 January 2019

This is a year for 40.

As it stands, I have the absolute joy and power in turning 40 this year. 

I am excited by this. Getting older has never scared me. It is something I relish, enjoy and feel ready for. While I'm unsure what form this blog will take, I am going to look at posting this year. As I leave my 30s, I feel so much excitement. I know myself better, feel confident in my skin, in my heart and mostly, am happy. Things aren't easy and goodness knows if I'll be struck by fear as my 40s close in... But I can't wait to see. 

As ever, this will likely be a blend of my fashion and life. I remain into all things plus and while not posting in the community as such these last few years, I have actively participated in discussions and really enjoyed watching plus influencers emerge as plus fashion has changed and evolved. In so many ways we are a LONG way from the launch of Asos Curve back in 2010. But this last year has also seen disappointments from Evans - cutting their sizing range as they rebranded and even Elvi (which fashion wise has been a personal fave) - has let us down in pushing into straight sizes so much that we don't even get photos on plus models all the time and they have a whole range only for the under 18s. 

I remain rad and funny and honest. I am also ready to listen if I post something you disagree with or don't like. Lifestyle wise I am pretty samey. I love a drink, am still with Darcy, have two dogs and enjoy my career. 

I still post @Boombands for those who care!

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Photobucket Phooey.

So Photobucket decided to change their user settings and go from free 3rd party hosting to charging $399 per year for this.

Obviously, as you can see below - my blog is effected.

I haven't blogged in ages - but this is still a steaming pile of horse crap.

Maybe it is time to finally close shop.

This blog still got lots of hits. So. My love to anyone who drops by...

But now is time for the final Adieu.

Em. x.